How to Improve Your Essay Writing: Useful Tips

How to Improve Your Essay Writing: Useful Tips

Lots of students, especially those with great writing skills, love writing essays, because they have a chance to get success. They like to create complicated word structures, to tell stories, and just shine. But there is a bigger part of those students who do not like writing essays and fear this process as hell.

Essay writing is always a challenge for any group of students, but one likes it while other is afraid and avoids any contacts. But there is also another problem that is hunting the most passionate and skilful student writers. It is a routine and lack of ideas. When you are dealing with dozens of essays regularly, you are risking getting bored. You may get stuck in the swamp of routine, basic phrases, and common formulas. And it is a trap in which you can lose all your previous achievements. For both of these types of students, our writing company suggests just one solution. It is all about improving your skills. So here are some of the most useful tips on how to improve your essay writing.

Read other essays

It is just as simple as it. We do not mean you need to steal somebody’s works, no. We just mean that reading and inspiration walk together. It is just on some subconscious level of forming your skills while reading other essays. With the help of samples, you can develop your own writing style and learn more words and phrases that can be used in practice. You can start on reading essays of your own topic or subject. Find something at least a little bit related to your own task. Read it analyzing and learning the style and tools but not with the goal to copy it while producing your own essay.

Also, you should read essays on other topics and subjects. Get all the essay types possible and try to learn their formats. This will give you an advantage before other writers and help to develop your unique style. It is like listening to other people’s music to create your own songs. This is called learning and inspiration. While learning some hooks for songwriting with other music, essays will give you experience for improved work and writing.

Improve your vocabulary

Actually, you should not just improve and build your vocabulary, but also to learn to use it properly. This is a key to successful essay writing. You use words to express your thoughts and feelings, and in case your vocabulary is improved, you can express it better and in the most complicated way. Broader vocabulary can make your essay a real piece of art and without long and confused sentences and forms.

And to be sure that you communicate properly you should be clear about your vocabulary use. It should be accurate through the entire essay writing. The work on your vocabulary improvement should constantly be held as there always appear new words for learning. Besides your more exciting essay, you will get another advantage. Your intelligence level will grow. Here are some easy ways to improve your vocabulary:

  • You can get some email subscriptions with new words.
  • Try to read as much as possible. The literature you read should be diverse as this is the best way to make your vocabulary richer.
  • Thesaurus is a must. This tool will help you to avoid often repeating words and add variety to the entire essay writing process.
  • You should learn how to use all the parts of the word such as suffices, prefixes, and roots. As we all know, from just one word, we can make more others, sometimes even with completely different meanings.
  • There is a good old tip for any age of students. Just start a vocabulary book. It is a common thing for those who are learning foreign languages, but your essay writing would benefit from it too.

Words for effective argumentation

If you want to sound wise, convincing, and intelligent, you should not repeat yourself. There should be a focused and effective usage of your writing language. This is the key point for argument building and creation the entire sense of the essay structure. And once again, do not repeat your words over and over again. Some people use such words as “also” and “actually” too often. Yes, your writing becomes more colorful and wide, but it is a fail when you use the same word all over the place. Use vocabulary and thesaurus to find their synonyms and other words to replace your favourite ones.

Preparing for the writing

All we know that before the actual writing of the essay you should prepare for it. And we are talking not just about learning your topic and finding the arguments you are going to use in your essay. We are talking about building your paper as a house to make it stand any critics, to convincing, and to help you to reach your goal. The first thing you want to do is to get yourself an outline. It will work both your essay structure, arguments list, and a writing map.

You can write a short summary of all the arguments that you have for your essay. Go through all the arguments you have and choose the most relevant ones and those that have enough supporting facts. The outline works perfectly for those writers who have lots of various arguments, and their topic is too complicated to be discovered with just a few simple statements. The outline will let you know where you should be moving exactly.

Quotation is a must

Of course your opinion matters in your own essay, but to make it stronger, clearer, and support it in the most effective way; you should let the reader know what other people say about the topic you are writing about. Just get other people’s opinions. And they better belong to those persons with reputation and weight in society. It just depends on your topic anyway. It may be writers, poets, musicians, scientist, architects; you name it. Besides some obvious persons, you can also make a statement supporting it with a reputable source such as a historical or statistics texts.

The most helpful tip for you about quotations would be to start a page in a notebook for each of your subjects. There you are going to note every important person that studied that subject. You can also note their views and years of activity. These notes will help you to deal with the quotations from these people no matter where you will find them for your essay writing.

You should not have too many quotations in your paper. Just mix some references with your own thoughts, points, and arguments. If there will be too many quotations in your own piece of writing, it will look like your opinion depends on them and you are simply hiding behind all those important persons. So your task is to have your own point of view and then to have a kick with a quotation. It will also show your intelligence, knowledge, and skills. These are the points that make a good student a brilliant one.

Edit and proofread

Lots of students do not consider proofreading and editing as essential as the writing job itself, but we must say that they are wrong. With no doubt, these two points are vital for the entire essay success. Polished sentences will shine brighter than just written chunks of phrases, even if they look logical to you. So do not be lazy and take your time. You must realize that writing is nothing without good and thoughtful editing work. Your writing should be easy and for your readers. “Simple” does not mean “uninteresting.” While writing simply, you still can be sophisticated and interesting. Just realize where the line that should not be crossed is.

For those students who already have some essays and other academic papers written in the past, we advise to read few of them and compare their writing style to some good samples from the internet. Is your old stuff interesting? Does it sound good and catchy? Whatever your answer is, try to get the most memorable parts into your modern style of writing. Besides that, take a look at your writing style and the tenses you use. The active voice is better for the essay writing than the passive one. Some ghostwriter services use these two voices to make their papers more diverse and compelling. Different voices can make your tone sound completely different and even surprising for the writer himself.

We hope these simple tips will make your writing routine more interesting and just easier. Study techniques and develop your own style. But if you still have any questions and a short deadline, our writing service is always ready to help you out. Here you will find the solution for all of your writing problems.