Learn How to Write Essay Introduction Properly

Learn How to Write Essay Introduction Properly

The research paper is one of the toughest writing tasks any student can get. There are lots of various points that affect the entire paper success, and you should deal with them. And one of these circumstances is the Introduction. This element of the essay structure deals with a great task introducing the essay to the reader and grabbing his attention. And it is a real challenge to start with the right tone and a hook that will engage the reader and make him read further. So, our writing company has prepared fey simple but effective tips for a well-written essay introduction.

Topic Introduction

The first thing that Introduction of any essay does is the main topic presentation. This is the announcement that goes though few simple but accurate sentences. Also, you are giving the identification of your research that was described in the essay. The introduction is also a tool to introduce the main problem of your essay to the audience and the global issue that it reflects. Some essay experts compare this method with an inverted triangle. It means you tell about a broader issue at the start of your essay and then concentrate on some specific one.

For example, you can tell about the great WWII tragedy in your introduction to encourage your reader to go further and learn about some specific aspect of the problem. Also, it is recommended to use some specific keywords in your research essay and its Introduction. Such words will work as some sort of indicators of the main theme. The title of your essay is also a nice place for a keyword or two. For example, when you are talking about WWII you use word “war” as a keyword, and it indicates that your essay is about that particular time and military theme in general. Such a strong keyword should be used both in the Introduction and title for sure.

All the key factors, words, and other info should be identified before you start writing. This method will save your time later. Just clarify all the necessary terms which you may need while working on your essay and its Introduction. Your expression should be clear and well-prepared info will work for you perfectly. If your Introduction will be not clear enough, you risking losing your reader’s attention right at the start.

But the biggest danger is hidden behind those cases when your topic and specific words are just unfamiliar to the audience you are writing for. You can avoid this problem by providing your readers with a clear introduction to the identification of the terms you are using in the essay. Sometimes it is also useful to introduce your essay and its topic through some sort of an anecdote and quotation. There are also other more literary ways to do that in case your essay topic is too complicated to the reader.

Context Identification

Except for the actual introduction of the main topic and the argument, your paper Introduction should also have some brief literature review. It should depend on the entire length of your paper. Sometimes it may require some harder work from you as you should make a review of the already existing literature on the topic. This point will show your strong knowledge of the following topic and the subject in general. Besides, you also should engage your reader into a discussion.

It always works better for your article when you give an overview of the recent developments in the field of your research than just causing a long and uncertain discussion. Once again about the inverted triangle method. Such review will provide a wider look at the background of your research and the entire topic. Also, this literature you used in your essay will let you focus on the contribution you did for the topic, its problem, and solution. While forming your introduction, you can slightly move to the main problem focus. 

While making those references, you not just showing your respect to other researchers, but also describes your own contribution to the entire topic. It means you are pushing the solution further to its development. After this step was done, you can move to the specific point of your own research and its meaning. And the Introduction should clearly display the meaning and value of your research.

Introduction of Your Research Questions

The introduction is not just for your topic identifying and presentation. This is also the part where you should state your research questions. So after you did your station about the entire research and its position among others in the field, you can start with the research questions. These are the questions your reader deals with during the entire essay. Here is also a task for the literature review that frames your whole research and presents your questions to the audience. You should try to develop them from your previous parts of the Introduction. Try to make it smooth and easy without any confusing transitions.

As the entire Introduction is not the biggest part of your essay, you should make all the research questions sound clear and brief. Try to make them focused and accurately for the case. And do not forget about the keywords that should be used for the entire paper. The main purpose of the research question is to make your reader interested and to make a hypothesis of the problem you are trying to solve with your research. All the hypotheses of your Intro should be clear and well-indicated.

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