Writing an Essay about Yourself: Tips, Tricks, Facts, and Fictions

Writing an Essay about Yourself: Tips, Tricks, Facts, and Fictions

When application period comes, all high school seniors get captured with the writing an essay about yourself. Why does a single piece of writing cause so much stress among students of all countries and generations? Well, this type of an article is one of the toughest writing tasks that you can imagine. It is not just a hard deal to write about yourself conscious but humble, but also this task affects your entire fate and as a person. Why?

Well, while grades and test scores are approximately similar among applicants, a paper about yourself gives you an identity. Of course, high marks play a major role in making a decision, but a personal essay badly was written can spoil even the most ideal picture. So in this article that was prepared for you by our experts, you can find a great variety of helpful information on how you should be writing an essay about yourself.

Present yourself to the audience

That seems a simple task, but in that type of essay, it turns into a really tough job. Once a student gets his topic and article question, there comes the desire to describe everything from the moment of birth till the present days. And that is a huge and common mistake. Here are tips on how you must be presenting yourself:

  • Tell your biography. It will hardly fit 500-word essay
  • Describe your all life scenes even if they are very absorbing. Rather choose one event and expand on it
  • Write as if you are answering the question. Let it be a complete narration.

Identify your goals

The paper about yourself should describe your academic, life, and career goals. Here are few main points that you should be writing in your paper:

  • Your strong points or outstanding skills in the area you are going to study in college. It’s your chance to demonstrate your exceptional knowledge in the field
  • Your real intentions and career goals that are real
  • Achievements in the field should be humble but strong.

Tips for writing

So, here are our few main points on how to make a successful essay about yourself. There is nothing too serious about these tips, but they are useful for sure.

  • Concision

Try to be brief and accurate while writing your essay. There is no limit for the paper, actually, but you should not go any extreme here. Just write as you feel it interesting and do not get too many details for yourself.

  • Honesty

The truth is the key to making yourself successful with a personal essay. But do not be too humble. Do not be afraid to write about your achievements, but it is not necessary to be the best of the best.

  • Individuality

It is very important to make yourself special. There are dozens of completely identical essays as the life of an ordinary teenager is very similar to others. So make yourself shine and stand out among others.

  • Vivid

Your essay should be about humans written by a live human being. It means you should be relaxed and write about yourself like you are writing a story. Make it interesting and alive.

  • Humor

Writing relaxed does not mean you should be joking all the way longs as like you are writing for your friends. Try to stay serious and mature.

Facts and Fictions

There is a lot of misleading information that can make you get the whole personal essay idea wrong. As long this task lives it gets its own myths and frictions. Can you imagine what will be if you take the wrong path? Listen to yourself and us instead of those testimonials, friends, and other people who know nothing about a good personal essay.

So where is the truth and where is a lie when it comes to writing an essay about yourself?

Fiction: Your essay has to be mega creative to stand out

No, it has not. Well, in some context it has. But it depends on what you mean by “being creative” and being “too creative.” Most students see it as telling some incredible story. Usually, it is totally irrelevant to the topic and has lots of fictions. Sometimes your imagination can lead you to a story where you imagine yourself as a superhero saving people on the streets and fighting with evil. This is where you cross the line between rationality and absurdity.

So the truth is: your essay should be unique and personal instead of being a lie and absurd. Remember, that personal essay often is followed by the interview where everything will get clear.

Fiction: There should be a proper academic style

Well, there is nothing wrong in being good at academic language. Demonstrating your essay writing skills and knowledge is good too. But it is not the first thing your readers expect from you. You should not make yourself sound like a professor using words that are unusual for a student of your age. You must be polite, but it does not mean you should sound absolutely academic.

So the truth is: your personal essay should be written in a neutral tone that sounds like yourself talking. It must be your personal manner of speaking and writing, matching your age and interests.

Fiction: Perfection is a must

Of course, everything in your personal essay should be just perfect. But it means more grammar and language than your life. Your paper must not sound too good to be true. You are not showing yourself off; you are just telling your story. This is a real picture of a situation and a moment of your personal experience, and as we all know, life is not perfect.

Take your time and try to do your best. If you still have any questions and feel yourself unconfident in writing, our company is always happy to help you out and provide you with a successful paper at the most reasonable price.